UX London 2024, day two

Jeremy Keith
2 min readMay 7, 2024

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John V Willshire, Tshili Ndou, Wioleta Maj, Harry Brignull, Ben Sauer, Tom Kerwin, Serena Verdenicci, and Brad Frost.

If you can’t make it to all three days of this year’s UX London, there’s always the option to attend a single day.

Day two is focused on product design. You know, the real meat’n’potatoes of working at the design coalface (to horribly mix my metaphors).

The day begins with four back-to-back practical talks.

  1. John V Willshire gets the ball rolling with a big-picture talk on the product of design. John will show you how to think about futures rather than features.
  2. Tshili Ndou follows on with her talk aboutvalidating features. Tschili will show you how to create high value products and avoid wasting money.
  3. Wioleta Maj is up after the break with a talk on understanding the impact of design choices. Wioleta will show you how to identify who we are creating our designs for (and who we are not).
  4. Harry Brignull closes out the morning with his call to action, Do Not Pass Go. Harry will show you how to get to grips with our industry’s failure to self-regulate when it comes to harmful design patterns.

After lunch, it’s decision time. Whereas the morning talks are sequential, the afternoon’s workshops run in parallel. You’ve got four excellent workshops to choose from.

  1. Ben Sauer will be giving a workshop on the storytelling bridge . Ben will show you how to find your inner storyteller to turn your insights into narratives your stakeholders can understand quickly and easily.
  2. Tom Kerwin will be giving a workshop on multiverse mapping. Tom will show you how to pin down your product strategy and to align your team around the stuff that matters.
  3. Serena Verdenicci will be giving a workshop on behavioural intentions . Serena will show you how to apply a behavioural mindset to your work so you can create behaviour-change interventions.
  4. Brad Frost will be giving a workshop on the design system ecosystem. Brad will show you how to unpack the many layers of the design system layer cake so you can deliver sturdy user interfaces and help teams work better together.

Finally there’s one last keynote talk at the end of the day. All will be revealed very soon, but believe me, it’s going to be a perfect finisher.

If a day of outstanding talks and workshops on product design sounds good to you, get your ticket now.

And just between you and me, here’s a discount code to get 20% of the ticket price: JOINJEREMY.

This was originally published on my own site, which is awesome.



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