UX London 2024 closing keynotes

Jeremy Keith
2 min readMay 7, 2024

This was originally posted on my website, which is awesome.

Rama Gheerawo, Matt Webb, and Maggie Appleton.

Alright, so last week I gave you the low-down on each day of this year’s UX London:

  1. Tuesday, June 18th focuses on UX research,
  2. Wednesday, June 19th focuses on product design, and
  3. Thursday, June 20th focuses on design ops and design systems

But the line-up for each day wasn’t quite complete. There was a mystery slot at the end of each day for a closing keynote.

Well, I’m very happy to unveil the trio of fantastic speakers who will be closing out each day…

Rama Gheerawo is the closing speaker on day one. Rama will show you how to frame inclusive design in the context of UX.

I’ve been trying to get Rama for UX London for the past few years but the timings never worked out. I’m absolutely delighted that I’ve finally managed to nab him! His talk is guaranteed to be the perfect inspirational ending for day one.

Matt Webb is giving the closing keynote on day two. Matt will show what it’s like to live and work with AI. You know my scepticism on this topic but even I have to hand it to Matt; he’s finding ways to use these tools to create true delight.

Honestly it feels like a bit of a cheat getting Matt to wrap up the day — his talks are always incredibly entertaining so I feel like I’m taking the easy route. If you’ve seen his appearances at dConstruct you’ll know what I mean.

Maggie Appleton is the final speaker on the final day of UX London. Maggie will show you how to explore designing with language language models. Again, even a sceptic like me has a lot to learn from Maggie’s level-headed humanistic approach to AI.

I’m so happy to have Maggie speaking at UX London. Not only am I a huge fan of her website, but I also love her presentation style. She’s going to entertain and educate in equal measure, and she’s certain to leave us with some fascinating questions to ponder.

With that, the line-up for UX London 2024 is complete …and what a stellar line-up it is!

Grab your ticket if you haven’t already, either for the full full three days or if you can’t manage that, day tickets are available too.

Use this discount code to 20% of the ticket price: JOINJEREMY. I’d love to see you there!

This was originally posted on my website, which is awesome.



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