Jeremy Keith
2 min readJan 31, 2020

This was originally posted on my own site.

The nation I live in has decided to impose sanctions on itself. The government has yet to figure out the exact details. It won’t be good.

Today marks the day that the ironically-named Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland officially leaves the European Union. Nothing will change on a day to day basis (until the end of this year, when the shit really hits the fan).

Looking back on 2019, I had the pleasure and privelige of places that will remain in the European Union. Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Utrecht, Miltown Malbay, Kinsale, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Berlin, Vienna, Cobh.

Maybe I should do a farewell tour in 2020.

Grüße aus Hamburg!
Auf Wiedersehen, Düsseldorf!
Going for a stroll in Utrecht at dusk.
The road to Miltown.
Checked in at Kinsale Harbour. with Jessica
Checked in at La Casa del Bacalao. Tapas! — with Jessica
Hello Amsterdam!
Indoor aviation.
Guten Tag, Frankfurt.
Catch you later, Antwerp.
The Ballardian exterior of Tempelhof.
Losing my religion.
Boats in Cobh.

This was originally posted on my own site.

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