The schedule for Patterns Day

Jeremy Keith
1 min readJun 13, 2017

There are only seventeen more days until Patterns Day. Squee!

I’ve got a plan now for how the day is going to run. Here’s the plan:

9am — 9:50am registration

9:50am — 10am opening remarks

10am — 10:30am Laura Elizabeth

10:30am — 11am Ellen deVries

11am — 11:30am break

11:30am — 12pm Sareh Heidari

12pm — 12:30pm Rachel Andrew

12:30pm — 2pm lunch break

2pm — 2:30pm Alice Bartlett

2:30pm — 3pm Jina Anne

3pm — 3:30pm break

3:30pm — 4pm Paul Lloyd

4pm — 4:30pm Alla Kholmatova

4:30pm — 4:40pm closing remarks

There was a great response to my call for sponsors. Thanks to Amazon Video, we’ll have video recordings of all the talks. Thanks to Deliveroo, we’ll have coffee and tea throughout the day …and pastries in the morning! …and popcorn in the afternoon!!

You’re on your own for lunch. I’ve listed some options on the website, but I should add some more.

I have to say, looking at the schedule for the day, I’m very excited about this line-up. To say I’m looking forward to it would be quite the understatement. I can’t wait!

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