Jeremy, I strongly suggest you follow the links through to the full comments that I linked to (I only excerpted small pieces). There you will find much mocking, name-calling, and suggestions of being somehow privy to reality. But those people, aiming those comments at Karolina, get a free pass from you. When I point out this bad behaviour, you take the time to express your disappointment in me. I take your point, and two wrongs don’t make a right, but my casual offhand remark pales in comparison to the torrent of crap that Karolina received.

You are happy for the challenging opportunities provided by the varying browser capabilities of your users, yet you’re quick to dismiss the equally exciting opportunity for respectful discourse.

Oh, Im all for respectful discourse. That’s why I call out disrespectful discourse when I see it. And I saw it a-plenty in those comments that I linked to.

I wasn’t calling people “self-entitled” because I disagree with their views on web development. I was calling people self-entitled because of the bullying manner in which they responded to a reasonable call for more empathy.

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