Installing Progressive Web Apps

Getting the “add to home screen” prompt for on Android Chrome.
And there’s the “add to home screen” prompt for
HTTPS + manifest.json + Service Worker = “Add to Home Screen” prompt.
Add to home screen.
The dConstruct Audio Archive is now a Progressive Web App
  1. The site loads.
  2. The home-screen prompt slides up from the bottom of the screen.
  3. The user immediately moves to dismiss the prompt (cue me interjecting “Don’t close that!”).
  1. The prompt appears below the “line of death” so there’s no way to tell it’s a browser or OS-level dialogue rather than a JavaScript-driven pop-up from the site.
  2. Because the prompt now appears on the first visit, no trust has been established between the user and the site. If the prompt only appeared on later visits (or later navigations during the first visit) perhaps it would stand a greater chance of survival.
What does it mean to be an App?



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