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  • Cher Scarlett

    Cher Scarlett


  • Lauren Egan

    Lauren Egan

    it don't mean butt if you ain't got the jutt... designer by day, gamer by night ^__^

  • Lydia Wozniak

    Lydia Wozniak

  • Amy Leak

    Amy Leak

    UX Writer for the BBC spending everyday looking for the right words.

  • Sara Vieira

    Sara Vieira

    Front-End Developer , Blogger , Drummer and TV Show Addict

  • Paul Lewis

    Paul Lewis

    Googler and noodler of front end code.

  • lindsay grizzard

    lindsay grizzard

    Art | Design | Developement

  • Amberley Romo

    Amberley Romo

    Software developer. Technical writer. Coffee. Knitting.

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